RBL quandry - opinions hereby solicited

I don't really see this as SPAM. It's is annoying, but I would place it in
the same classification as a credit card company, one that I hold a card
from. sending me junk mail. Since they (Network solutions), have developed
this mailing list from infomation you provided to them in registering

They are entitled to contact you. You may, of course complain, and they
(Network solutions), are of course are entitled to take no action.

Ron Johnson

According to the rules MAPS follows when dealing with other RBL candidates,
if there is no reliable way to stop someone from sending you e-mail, then
it makes no difference that they have some preexisting relationship with you.

In other words it's the fact that they won't stop, rather than the fact that
we have no ability to take our business elsewhere, that has qualified them
for the RBL.

Probably the server, which handles only netsol and not
internic business, will go on the MAPS RBL later today. We're trying to
reach them by phone one last time.

That seems entirely fair since it was NSI, not InterNIC, that sent the spam.

Spammers should be investigated by Ken Starr!

Dean Robb
PC-EASY computer services
(757) 495-EASY [3279]