Traffic ratios are one of the many parameters that ensure equality and
a mutual benefit between networks in a settlement free peering relationship.

Have a look at our peering policy at www.cw.com/peering. It will
provide you with some information on peering with large networks.


Peter Jansen
Global Peering
Cable & Wireless

I read the cw and uu examples. In the case of 1.5 to 1 which seems
really close but I'm assuming this means I can send you 1.5 to every one
received. Does this also apply in the inverse ie uunet sends back to me
only 1.5 to my 1 or is this less critical?

it usually means either way.. that is the tolerance within which all is
well and no more questions need to be asked

when the ratio varies above or below then usually people want to know why
that is and whether peering is still in their interest altho it doesnt
usually rule it out eg a large web hoster will have much more outbound
traffic and isps still need to access their websites