random thoughts on how I can prevent spammers from using my net

I have been trying to figure out ways to prevent spammers from using my
net as a sending location (even once). If most spam is sent from
throwaway dialup accounts, how would a daily limit of #arbitrary-number
of emails sent, with a charge of $0.05 (or other number) per excess
e-mail...? The arbitrary-number might be 1000 or so, plenty for most
legitimate uses. Since we get credit card numbers from our dialuo
customers, if we do get a spammer, and they send, say 100,000 emails
in a month, we subtract their allowance of 30K or so and bill them
$3,500 (70K * $0.05) for excess....

If we make the terms and conditions obvious, and get a signature before
activating the account, it won't take very many occurrences before word
would get around that SPAM can ocst as much as paper junk mail to send



Sounds like Bob Metcalfe's recent column in Infoworld on E-postage.

Hank Nussbacher