RADB Unpaid Maintainer Clean-Up status and other news

This past April, Merit announced it's intention to begin removing
RADB registry objects due to non-payment of the annual maintainer fee.
At this point, the unpaid maintainer clean-up process is considered
complete. When the clean-up was announced, there were approximately
3150 maintainers registered in the RADB. With the completion of
the clean-up, there are now 1972 active maintainers.

    The RADB team would now like to move forward with improving
the database accuracy. We will be deploying notification and
update tools to better assist maintainers in making sure their
objects reflect configured routing policy.

    In other news, Merit RADB staff will again be hosting a helpdesk
at next week's NANOG meeting. Staff will be available during
breaks on Monday and Tuesday to accept questions/comments
regarding the RADB and routing registry issues.

    Finally, Merit is pleased to announce the 2.1.5 release of the
IRRd routing registry daemon software. The release is available
at www.irrd.net.

  For Merit RADB,
         Larry Blunk