RADB renewal deadline April 2

This is a reminder that effective April 2, 2002, Merit will begin the
process of removing RADB maintainer objects that have not been renewed and
paid for 2002. The clean-up project will take several weeks to complete.
The estimated completion date for removal of all unpaid maintainers is May

Maintainers scheduled for removal are listed at
http://www.radb.net/docs/deletelist.html. You may also query our payment
database at the same URL to determine the status of your maintainer.

About 1,000 maintainers with valid route objects that are currently being
announced to the Internet are scheduled to be removed. These maintainers will be
removed gradually -- but steadily -- over the next several weeks.

It is not too late to contact Merit to make arrangements to continue your
RADB service. If you wish to renew service, please send e-mail to
invoice@radb.net or or go to our online payment page:

All deleted RADB data will be archived by Merit. We will be able to
restore deleted maintainers even if payment is made after April 2. If
your data is removed as part of the clean-up project and you wish to renew
service, please contact invoice@radb.net.


To renew service and pay online:

To view or query the list of maintainer IDs scheduled for removal:

To review the RADB maintainer object agreement:

For general information: