RADB problems

I fixed the mail problems with radb.ra.net. Auto-dbm is functioning
     correctly now. Unfortunately, the DNS problems are completely out of
     Merit's hands. DNS for radb.ra.net is run by Bill Manning at ISI. This
     is because the RA project is a joint venture between Merit and ISI. I have
     sent Bill Manning email regarding this matter. There is little I can do
     to fix it. If you have a suggestion to a work-around to this problem, I
     am very willing to implement it.

My workaround is to use the IP address in the mail messages I send to
auto-dbm. This seems to avoid the problem, changes happen and I get
acks back, so I suggest that this whole exercise is a DNS problem. I
am very surprised that you don't run a secondary for the zone at Merit
since you house the hardware providing the DB.

     As far as your particular route problem, I am still looking into it, which
     is why you weren't notified. You may want to try resubmitting your
     messages to radb.ra.net.

I have sent in the additions that were important to me, I'm not so
concerned about the withdrawals, using the method I mentioned above. I
have also reconfigured our system to use that address until I know
the DNS is fixed, which I guess won't be until after thanksgiving.

     I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, but I am
     doing my best to resolve the problem as quickly as I can.