RADB problems

It seems that some of you were experiencing some problems with RADB
     yesterday. RADB was having brief mail problems which were resolved. If
     you continue to have difficulties, please let us know.

I don't believe that they are fixed yet.

host -t ns ra.net

ra.net NS NS.ISI.EDU

host -t mx radb.ra.net ns.isi.edu

radb.ra.net MX record not found at ns.isi.edu, server failure

host -t mx radb.ra.net ns.sesqui.net

radb.ra.net MX record not found at ns.sesqui.net, server failure

host -C ra.net

ra.net NS NS.SESQUI.net
zed.isi.edu bmanning.zed.isi.edu (1925628 10800 900 604800
*** ra.net SOA record at NS.SESQUI.net is not authoritative
ra.net has lame delegation to NS.SESQUI.net
!!! ra.net SOA primary zed.isi.edu is not advertised via NS
ra.net NS NS.ISI.EDU
zed.isi.edu bmanning.zed.isi.edu (1925631 10800 900 604800
*** ra.net SOA record at NS.ISI.EDU is not authoritative
ra.net has lame delegation to NS.ISI.EDU
!!! NS.ISI.EDU and NS.SESQUI.net have different serial for ra.net

Also we haven't received back ACKs from any of the messages we sent
out before we started using a hard coded IP number in the mail
address, ie "auto-dbm@[]".

Our problem with the RADB not returning at least one net tagged with
our origin ( as a result of a "\gAS2764" query is
still unresolved.


PS If you really thought this was fixed why didn't you contact us
since we have an open TT with you about this very issue?

Hi Mark!

I fixed the mail problems with radb.ra.net. Auto-dbm is functioning
correctly now. Unfortunately, the DNS problems are completely out of
Merit's hands. DNS for radb.ra.net is run by Bill Manning at ISI. This
is because the RA project is a joint venture between Merit and ISI. I have
sent Bill Manning email regarding this matter. There is little I can do
to fix it. If you have a suggestion to a work-around to this problem, I
am very willing to implement it.

Submissions that I have sent to radb.ra.net from various locations worked
correctly for me. And the mail problem was fixed.

As far as your particular route problem, I am still looking into it, which
is why you weren't notified. You may want to try resubmitting your
messages to radb.ra.net.

I am sorry for any inconvenience that this may have caused you, but I am
doing my best to resolve the problem as quickly as I can.

Thank you for your patience. Please send me (and our NOC) email to
ra-help@merit.edu if you have any further questions. I will keep you
updated as to any progress with this matter.

-abha :wink: