RADB news and NANOG helpdesk hours

This is an update on recent changes to the Merit RADB
Internet routing registry and announcement of helpdesk
hours at the Phoenix NANOG meeting.

   In December of 2002, the RADB was officially rechristened
the "Merit Routing Assets Database" and a redesigned website
at www.radb.net was unveiled. In addition, there is now a
web-based interface for RADB additions and updates. This
interface may be reached at the following URL --

   Merit has been actively involved with the RPSLng effort
to update the RPSL standard to support IPv6 and Multicast
routing policy. We have an initial implementation of the
specification as documented in the following Internet draft:
We expect to deploy this implementation in RADB registry shortly.
In addition, we are working with Internet2 members to
develop the I2 routing registry as an IPv6 routing registry
and resource for the Internet2 community.

  The RADB team will once again hold a helpdesk at the NANOG
meeting. Helpdesk hours are as follows:

monday 10:15 break
monday 3:00 break

tuesday 10:35 break
tuesday 12:00 lunch

    Larry J. Blunk
    Merit RADB