RADB mirroring

### On Mon, 20 May 2002 13:35:34 -0700, Randy Bush <randy@psg.com> casually
### decided to expound upon "Peter E. Fry" <pfry@swbell.net> the following
### thoughts about "Re: RADB mirroring":

> An IRR not mirrored by the RADB (to act as a member) and not
> mirroring every RR mirrored by the RADB (to hijack the top level)
> seems pointless.

auto-config tools, such as ratoolset, do not use the mirrored data,
only the origin data. one specifies the list of registries to
search. so, mirroring by the irr is neither necessary nor
sufficient, though it can be convenient for lookup by wetware.

RADB and other IRRs running IRRd accept a "!s" command to set (change from
default) the specified sources (including mirrored sources). The return for
each query is done on a first-hit matching mechanism. One may conceivably
switch/modify search orders prior to each query. IRRToolSet (formerly
RAToolSet) has the capability of specifying a different IRR server but this
means one would incur a penalty for closing and reopening connections
between switching servers. It is far better (and friendlier to the IRRs)
from a performance standpoint to keep persistant connections to a single
server that is fully mirroring.