Oh come on. AV8 is pretty small, and I'll pay the fee. Though, I think $200 is pretty high for what is provided. I mean, its just a database entry after all. Right? Server operation at exchanges is paid for by server users at the exchanges. Right? So we pay Internic the outrageously high fee of $35 per year for domain registration... Doesn't seem that much different...


Around 09:49 PM 10/25/1999 -0400, rumor has it that Majdi Abbas said:

Some of the founders of the RADB have long since left the RADB, finding that
the administrative work outweighs the benefits gained from their
perspective. And that was BEFORE Merit started charging... :wink:

John Patterson

So set your own Routing Registry and charge whatever you wish. The good
folks at Merit were pretty explicit in saying that you don't have to
use their registry.

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