RADB dead?

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Try radb2.ra.net or radb3.ra.net. But, I dont know whether
it is a corrct answer or not... :wink:

> Is it just me or is the RADB decided to become more flacky of late?
> eg
> > whois -h whois.ra.net as2764
> whois: connect: Connection refused

RADB:43 suffered a crash due to what appears to be memory starvation on the
machine. It has been brought back up. There is a redundant server running
on RADB:2043.

Please do not use RADB2 or RADB3 for production. RADB2 is a test and
development machine and RADB3 (run by ISI) is not Merit operated. We are
not sure of its operational status or the integrity of its data.