RADB contact needed


I'm in need off a RADB contact.
I have reached out to them multiple times the past 72 hours requesting urgent removal of all IRR records for a recently revoked afrinic /14
However they did not reply and did not remove any records which belong to this unallocated ip space.
This concerns, this massive block got revoked by afrinic approximately 4 days ago and is now unallocated.
Nothing in this /14 should be routed.
However, about 350 prefixes of various sizes inside this /14 are still announced.
If RADB removes all these IRR's, the routability of these 350 ip hijacks will greatly be reduced.

Ostap Efremov


Why was this prefix revoked? And what is your interest in the matter? I ask because, of late, there have been attempts to lockdown African Internet access by various political factions, for example the situation in Uganda.


Matt Harris​

Infrastructure Lead Engineer



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I posted my initial e-mail 24 hours ago to NANOG but the moderation took a while and RADB has since removed all entries for this now unallocated /14.
They deleted an incredible 408 records. Thanks a lot for this action RADB!
However, seems like isp’s are already making new RADB entries for… unallocated ipv4 space… created today… 20210120
There is also a bunch of RIPE-NONAUTH and ARIN-NONAUTH that is awaiting cleanup by RIPE and ARIN, they have been notified.

For a little background on this now revoked
However this doesn’t matter to me, I’m merely trying to get ~350 unallocated prefixes that are currently routed by ~70 ASNs.
This has nothing to do with " attempts to lockdown African Internet access by various political factions, for example the situation in Uganda."

I believe that since 20 December 2020, a little bit after RFG’s afrinic post, the whois on that prefix changed and included a note:

inetnum: -
netname: LogicWeb-Inc
descr: LogicWeb Inc.
descr: 3003 Woodbridge Ave
descr: Edison, NJ 08837
country: ZA
remarks: ============REMARK====================
remarks: The custodianship of this IP prefix is presently
remarks: in dispute. A police investigation is on-going
remarks: and AFRINIC reserves the right to
remarks: reclaim this IP prefix at anytime.
remarks: ============REMARK====================

However due to AFRINIC and their lack of “last-modified”, i don’t know when exactly And about 4 days ago it got revoked by AFRINIC and became UNALLOCATED.

Many other /14’s also got this note recently.

And yes Matt Harris, parts of this /14 were announced by logicweb themselves, but parts were also being leased out to end users for prices as low as 35$ per month for a /24.

I doubt that even 1% of this /14 was ever announced in the AFRINIC region.

LogicWeb is now sending the following reply to their ip-lease customers and the isp’s were they directly announce, including strange claims such as “The original LOA we provided you is valid.” while it’s literally unallocated.