Qwest Utah fiber cut

Date: Fri, 21 May 2004 16:16:40 -0400
From: sgorman1@gmu.edu
Sender: owner-nanog@merit.edu

Now it makes sense - we were missing the fiber route along US HWY 89.
We have data on their nation wide OC-192 network and metro fiber, but
figured there was something we were missing. Also explains why other
providers were not affected - it must be a unique right of way.
Appreciate the help.

The real problem here is that Qwest is really two companies for the most
part. There is Qwest (local) which is the old US West. This is who's
fiber was cut. Qwest local is the RBOC in 14 states. Long-haul service
out of those states is provided by Qwest (traditional) and that is who
owns the long-haul OC-192 network you were looking at.

Even though the merger of Qwest and US West is years old, due to
regulatory issues they really look like different companies. They offer
very different services with different hardware and prices.