Qwest Statement (was Re: information on 60 hudson / 140 west st ?)

I haven't heard any specific details about the status
of Qwest's facilities in New York.

This is the statement I've saw from Qwest:

Qwest is committed to being helpful and doing whatever we
can during this time of national crisis.

With the September 11 disaster in New York City and Washington, D.C.,
we want to offer our condolences and extend our resources to our
business customers in any way we can. We know that this crisis will
continue to be a challenge. Our support and our prayers are with
all those who are suffering or inconvenienced. We also recognize
that your ability to communicate is critical in enabling your
business to return to normal.

In Washington, we are working closely with the government agencies
to meet its communications needs.

In order to address the needs of those affected by the tragic events
in New York, Qwest is donating resources and services to customers
and other businesses that have been directly impacted to help them
get back into business as quickly as possible. So far, Qwest has
expedited circuit orders for hospitals, and donated office space as
well as network connectivity for customers without service. We also
are offering interim Web hosting facilities and back-up services for
businesses in New York.

In addition, we have joined with other communications providers to
help restore service in the lower Manhattan area as soon as possible.
For example, we have loaned switching equipment to help process local
phone calls.

We have established a special task force to do whatever is possible
to assist you. You can reach the task force directly at 1-877-829-1229
or via email at carecenters@qwest.com to alert us of any changes to
your Qwest service or to request any additional resources we may be
able to provide. We are committed to helping you to restore your core
business functions as quickly as this situation will permit.

right. i think that info is form their site. they
claim that they're working diligently to install new
lines to circumvent 140 west. what i haven't heard
(and couldn't get them to say) is when they think
they'll have the first coulpe of OC-48s installed.