qwest outage no notice


Martin Hannigan wrote:

We just had a qwest outage of about 2 mins at 1:41am pst. When I called


report it I was told it was a 200+ emergency software upgrade due to a
security concern, and that we will get a notice later after the fact.

That's not a maintenance, that's an outage.

I hope everybody impacted on this list is claiming SLA.

Drive Slow, much like the M40,
Paul Wall

SLA for what? < 2m of outage time related to an emergency maintenance event?
I don't think so. Most agreement language covers this kind of event.

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I think it comes down to disclosure policy. I cannot imagine qwest was
the only provider who was hit by this emergency patch upgrade.

I don't think general public is really keen in knowing the exact details
of the vulnerabilities as much as getting some sort of heads up about
emergency maintenance window which IMHO should have been issued.

Given that I'm a staunch believer in openness when it comes down to
outages related to critical infrastructure :slight_smile: