Qwest.Net / US West.Net

Does anyone have an escalation number for the dial/DSL/ISDN platform
for US West.net/Qwest.net? They have removed my static IP addresses
and myself and my customers down. They claim they cannot do anything
until Monday. This is unacceptable.

Or is there any ISP in the Phoenix Metro area (480,623,602) that will
allow me to pay them for a ISDN (2B channel) account with a static /28
for 2 weeks?... and get it setup today?? I'm in a bind right now.

Thanks in advance,
Andy Ellifson

Andy, mabye I can help. Do you really need a whole /28?

Benny Fischer
Chief Technical Officer
Infinet Internet Services

Ack. Ignore what I just said. The best I can do wrt IPs is a single IP.

Starnet doesn't do subnets.

Sorry :frowning: