Qwest Megacentral DSL weirdness


Approximately two weeks ago, dsl customers over our Qwest Megacentral
service began to randomly drop offline. According to Qwest, each of the
customers had "good birectional cell flow." However, each of the
affected customers were unable to pass any IP traffic. I was able to
restore traffic to the affected customers by bouncing their ATM
subinterface. No hardware or software changes were made at our NOC.

I find this to be a curious situation since many of our dsl customers
have been connected continuously for 9-12 months. A few Qwest
technicians covertly mentioned that "something was going on at the CO"
but used codewords for fear of losing their jobs, while other Qwest
technicians claim it was not their problem. Some of the techs outright
hung up on the customer.

So to make a long story short, I'm curious to know if anyone has the
'inside scoop' or has similar issues that just cropped up. Thanks in
advance for your advice.

Christopher J. Wolff, VP CIO
Broadband Laboratories