Qwest issues in western US

Janet Sullivan <ciscogeek@bgp4.net> 4/4/06 9:09:24 AM >>>

Anyone seeing Qwest issues in the Western US?

What sort of issues are you seeing? I've got a site in CA that's using
Qwest's iQ VPN and it's been intermittently unreachable all morning.
During the short periods I can actually access the router, I'm not
seeing any errors or layer three problems from the site's perspective
(BGP peer isn't flapping, for example.)

I'm just about to open a ticket. We'll see what they say.


Qwest connetivity from Salt Lake to ATT ENS in the bay area is stopping at at core SLC qwest router in traceroutes.

Qwest’s network status page also shows 5% packet loss for the SLC region at the moment (which means what – one link test from elsewhere is down 100% and 19 are up?).

John Neiberger wrote: