Qwest/CenturyLink implementing transparent proxies?

Hello All,

A little off topic, but I was wondering if there's any Qwest/CenturyLink network engineers or techs lurking on this list that would contact me offlist?

I won't bore people with the details, but I'm seeing what appears to be a transparent proxy on some sites when visited from multiple clients (all with Qwest DSL). When browsing on our non-Qwest circuits (such as the T1s), we do not see the same behaviors.

Its concerning to say the least, and something I'd like to get a clear and straight answer about.


A quick update, some of the things that lead me to believe there's some sort of packet mucking going on over the past week or two, has magically cleared up on its own as of this morning.

I'm at a loss, so I'm going to throw my hands up and shrug. Annoying to say the least, but not entirely unexpected.

Perhaps they were testing facilities for an eventual CGN deployment.

The IPv4 world is only going to get worse in this regard as runout approaches and we begin to see more and more deployments of address sharing technologies at the carrier level (CGN, DS-Lite, etc.)

IPv6 -- 96 more bits, no magic, no header mutilation.