Quote from Kashpureff / Re: question about per. hack

Earlier, Stephen Sprunk said:

People, the net is not falling apart because Kashpureff knows how to fake a
glue record; people who don't keep up with the security of their systems
are (of course) having their security compromised.

This is not an operational issue; this is a sysadmin-being-lazy issue.
Please take it off NANOG.

So when red boxes are used on phones lines that are old enough for them to
work, then the phone company should chalk it up to the fact that it CAN
happen?? Compromising systems whether easily allowed or not is still

Okay, wise guy. :wink:

As far as I'm concerned, this falls into the catch-all category of
DNS security.

Please see:


In any event, take it elsewhere.

- paul