> Just need to add default route in there and make dhcpd do RA
> then the user can turn off RA on their routers and not care
> that DHCPv6 doesn't include default router.

Having a DHCP server generate RA messages kind of defeats the point of
having RA messages in the first place, resulting in loss of robustness,
and now a new mode of failure.

We've already established that the people who want a complete dhcpv6 do
not care, they are going to maintain their dhcp server as much as their
router, they are equally robust to the same degree of arm waving that
the router is robust.

That this is still being asked for in dhcp should be enough to convince
people IETF "RA is all you'll ever need" mind tricks aren't going to
make them go away.

I say they as I work on both sides. I know today we have to work with
what's been specced though we can choose how to implement them and
continue to raise the issues for future development rather than let
them be swept aside.