Questions about the new RADB Maintainer Fee (FAQ available)

A note on the FAQ. BGP peering with the route servers does not
mean you have to actively announce or listen to any routing information
via the route servers. Some providers have used null BGP sessions,
or announced routes only to the route servers for some academic-types
to study; but not for peering with other providers.

Here's some additional information:

Each NAP with RSng route servers has two route servers. If you wish
to peer with RSng for statistical (or economic) reasons, you need only
peer with one of them.

If you don't want the route servers proxying routes, this is pretty
easy. The configuration of the route-servers are built from the IRR
inet-rtr object with the label of your router's IP address. We need
this information for the statistics. There are two Merit specific
fields in the inet-rtr object necessary to permit proxying of routes.
These are the "rs-in" and "rs-out" fields. If these fields don't exist,
the route servers will generate an empty filter list for your peering
session and will neither send you routes, nor propogate them. The routes
you send to us are still available for us to use for generating statical
information, and we would really like them!

RSng is also looking for feedback on what you would like to see out
of our service. Please contact me at the e-mail address below if
you have anything good (or bad) that we should know about it.

The RSng webpages need some cleanup work, so my apologies for the
clutter. You may additional information at the following URL's:

RSng homepage:
Establishing a peering session: