Questions about Internet Packet Losses

Barry Shein writes...


3. In order for an email message to pass over port 52 it must have a
header which reads:

  X-SPAM-CHARTER: This message conforms to the SPAM Charter

or similar (X-PUCE-CHARTER:). Otherwise, it's just dropped on the
floor. Remember that this is the new port.

4. Abuse of that header is a litigable trademark violation (we get
this set up with lawyers, but akin to DC comics or the Good
Housekeeping Seal.)


You can trademark the use of a TCP port? Are you sure?

If so, what a keen idea this might be. Either that, or its really
scary. I'm not sure which.

It's not the port which is trademarked, just the use of the
organization's name in that header and the claim that the email is
compliant with the organization's charter.

Think "Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval" or "Underwriter's