Questions about Internet Packet Losses

I'm not sure the people at the ISP NOCs ever got their jobs
by engaging in the business or political side of the net. As a
survival issue, they will most likely side-step issues which pit
person against person.

From the looks here, NANOG gets further along in other areas because

the organization does not become pro or anti spam or pro or anti

If NANOG does gather heavy consensus, like it does with technical
issues, watch out -- because they will slay whatever spammaster or
protocol-adulterer they find. Then they would become essentially
like Vatican City is for the Virtual Catholic State.

I hate spam and will shut it down as fast as possible. I hope it
gets treated like fax-junk-stuff rather than postal junk stuff.
I'd like to organize with folk to oppose and shut down spam, but
there is already one heck of a motivated group of us out there,
we just don't quite have the cooperation thing going yet. I don't
think NANOG will help, even though you might find many NANOG folk
fighting spam with you.

This party really is going downhill fast, it's astounding to watch,
like boy scouts dropped off in Somalia proceeding to organize litter

I don't neccessarily agree with the above statement but it is one helluvan