Questionnaire on building real network configuration dataset

Dear NANOG community members,

We are post graduate students majoring in computer network and we are now conducting a research project aimed at setting up an open dataset of real network configurations for experiment needs. We think it will be a contributing work for network verification evaluations. As part of this effort, we are reaching out to the community to request your help in filling out a short questionnaire.

Your participation in this survey would be greatly appreciated and valuable for our research. It will take only about 2-3 minutes of your time and your responses will be kept strictly confidential.

To participate in the survey, please click on the following link: Questions about real network configuration

Please note that the survey will be open for one month, and we kindly ask you to complete it by the end of May. Thank you in advance for your participation and support of our research.

Best regards,


It might be a better option for you to un-signin this survey...

Just a suggestion.