Question on Source Routing Option

Hello All,

Thanks to all who replied to my question. Just want to clarify that I need this information for my research Project. I am trying to measure performance of our server software which delivers Real Time Radar Data from a remote radar site to the client using internet. I want to study how does path taken by packets will effect the performance of our software. Please advise if there are other ways of selecting paths if source routing can't be used.



You dont have control where other people's networks are involved.. not
even with source routing.

You just need to work out what tolerances your software has and make it
tolerant to 99% of the paths you're likely to find on the internet.

If its critical that the path is reliable, your best bet would be to use
selected providers which you are happy with and which peer well with each
other so that you get the best performance by not introducing unknowns.


You might have more control, reproducibility, and end-to-end success using a network simulator instead of trying to do this over the real Internet. I haven't used one in about 6 years, so I'm sorry to say I can't recommend any one in particular.