Question on Source Routing Option


I am not sure if this is the right forum to seek answer but i still would like to try. I am graduate student in department of computer science at colorado state university. I am trying to source route my packets on the internet, I want my packets to take specified path from server to client and vice versa. I am aware that source routing option is disabled because of security risks. I want to know is there any tool which can help me in finding what routers that can support source routing. It will be so nice if you could help me as I am not finding appropriate information..It will help me allot in my research work.

With Regards > Tarun

The problem you will find is that even if you can locate a router that
supports source routing, the chances are high that there will be one or more
routers that actively block source-routed packets.

Depending on what you're trying to research, you *may* be able to get by
with a setup as follows:

                / \
               A D
                 \ /

and using pairs of VPN tunnels (A-B B-D) and (A-C C-D) to simulate source

Not only is source routing often a security issue, it also suffers from
major workability problems: a) it doesn't scale well (tragedy of the commons)
even if you find a better path, if everybody does it, the better path isnt
better anymore. b) If you're source routing through someplace that becomes
unreachable, the routing protocols know, but you dont.

Much historical info on why source routing doesn't work can be found in
old UUCP bang-paths - seismo!<something>!sandbox!clutx! was mine for a while,
and of course mail didnt move if something-sandbox wasnt working....