Question about Martians on Vyatta


I'm trying to understand why a Vyatta 6.4 collection of routers is carping about the following as martian routes:

They don't look like they fall in the traditional martian space. I also wondered if they were addresses without a reverse route, but they have reverse paths in our routing tables (full routes from AS 10796 and 11530).

Any thoughts?


Do you have routing-table entries which cover those IPs? Try "ip route show <ip>" as root.

Linux NET/4 stack considers (as far as IPv4/IPv6 go) anything that is not in the routing table or an immediate neighbour as "martian."


Well, I did when I checked them shortly after I saw the log messages.

Wondering now if the routes for those bounced and in the "middle" of the bounce, they're considered martian.