Quasi-operational re. Exim

In light of the recent thread about a carrier-class mail server, and
since I don't have the
address of the mailing list mentioned there, I was wondering how people
felt about Exim.

I apologize in advance to those NANOG readers who are going to yell at
me about
operational content, but I couldn't come up with a better mailing list
to send this to.

I've installed Exim. I like what I've seen so far. Robust, lots of
features... and I was
mightily impressed when my out-of-the-box RPM installation passed all of
spam relay tests.

So... Can Exim handle large queues, and delivery to tens of thousands of
(I'm not at the point where I'd need that kind of scalability yet, but I
don't want to have
to switch mail servers any time soon.)

I think exim is great - logical design, really full-featured, and very very
fast. I've used it at a number of my jobs, and never had any significant
problems with it. I'm actually very disappointed that more people aren't
familiar with it.

I've used it in multi-thousand message queues, receiving hundreds of
thousands of messages a day. Plus, it's real easy to set up a clustered
configuration using maildir, etc. With a good config, a load balancer, and
nas storage, you could run a pile of smtp servers off of one centralized