Quarantine your infected users spreading malware

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> Oh geez, here we go again... Search the archives and
> read until you're content. It's a non-thread. This
> horse isn't only dead, it's not even a grease spot on
the road any more.

Are you saying that the problem of spreading worms
and botnets is fading? Where do you get your data on

I mean, it's all well and good to express an opinion
but if you want to be believed you have to be prepared
to back it up with data from another source.

I'm not saying that at all and that'd be the silliest
position to support anyway. We all know better than that.
All I was saying is *every* position on the subject was
expressed about two months ago in the thread that wouldn't
die even in the clear evidence of an exponential decrease in
quality of responses on the subject and I don't things have
changed significantly since then.

No biggie, I can delete when the quality of respones
degrades below my threshold of ability to carry on
reading... :slight_smile: