Quality of ROAs in RPKI repositories

Hi all,

As part of my master thesis and research work at IIJ, I've created a
page to monitor the "quality" of ROAs in all RIR's RPKI repositories.


Overall, the ROAs are quite good. Of course there are problems: I found
out some ROAs which are very likely to be mis-registrations
and make several BGP announcements invalid.
On the page you can see the list of those ROAs, and the list of BGP
announcements related to each of them.

I would suggest to check if any of your prefixes are on this list.
These problems could be easily fixed by registering correct ROAs.

What I do is basically origin-validating BGP announcements that I find
in a RIB dump from LINX node of route-views, using ROAs taken from a
validated RPKI cache (using rcynic).

You can find other information on under the "what does this table mean?"

I'm also keeping updated a page monitoring which DNS root servers have
their BGP announcements covered by a valid ROA:

I would appreciate to hear any comment or suggestion.