--== Warning, You may see many copies of this ==--

a mailing list has been set up to discuss inter-operational network
issues. the list has all those who voiced an interest from the recent
IETF meeting, as well as from the regional-techs meeting and the last
IEPG meeting. In addition, several other networks who do not seem to
be active in any of these fora are on the list. w/o additional information,
i have not yet included the cix folks (can someone give me a clue?)
there is not yet enough participation by private, commercial nets,
nor alternative commercial IP providers and BBS gateway providers.

the intent is to identify a set of operational concerns that can be
discussed starting in a series of meetings in early spring '94
in the IETF ORAD sponsored BOF. This list and following meetings
are -OPEN- to operators of networks. Active, vigourous participation
is encouraged. (Are your razor blades clean? :slight_smile: The list should include
the largest audience of network operations folk that it can. Please
diseminate widely.

Please let me know what corrections to make and ideas to add to the
list for discussion. The target is adgenda creation for the BOF.
(and perhaps other meetings)

   qed@rice.edu - The list
   qed-request@rice.edu - how to get on/off

A brief review of the history should be forthcoming, and a draft of basic
definitions, along with a few proposed adgenda items in the next week
or so.

Special thanks to Andrew, Ran, Scott, Gene, Mark, Geoff, Bernhard, Elise & Eric