Q: IP Space Management Software

I use Excel as well to maintain IP space.
Yes, I take a ton-O-Dogging from the MS basher crowd.
But, I have yet to see a computer program able to completely allocate IP space
with out leaving huge holes in blocks.

I wonder... ARIN obviously has the largest chunk of space to manage.
how are they doing it?

Oh, and a side note for the database flag bearers.
Databases, don't help much, as they tend to hide the view. Allocation of IP
space is akin to creation of jigsaw puzzles, that you received completed
intact and must cut to pieces and reassemble to look like the original with a
little loss as possible. Databases are great methods to make allocation
information available to others for digestion. But do little to aid in the
allocation process, like helping determine what size block is available for
specific customer.

So, it's Excel..... Indefinitely.... sigh....

bzzt. I designed a simple flat-file Dbase system that handles sub-net's
etc. very well. It automatically sends in SWIP's and other nifty things.
Using a database is the way to go vs. paperless ledgers.

It stores IP space in the smallest component /30's (that we allocate) and
then has a sub-net field to say what bigger block it is part of. Just
change the sub-net field, the database structure doesnt change, views can
be constructuted based on the sub-net field value.

Unix Tools:

* usereyep views the database

explorer:[/homeb/stephen/doc] usereyep
Usage: usereyep x.x.x.x Search for IP in database
       usereyep -a List first record for each block
       usereyep -u username Search for username in database
       usereyep -f <netmask> Show unused IP blocks <with given netmask>
       usereyep -d Dump database, show all records

* editeyep edits the database

explorer:[/opt/staff/office/src] editeyep

   Usage: editeyep -a username x.x.x.x assign network
          editeyep -ac username x.x.x.x assign network & edit comment
          editeyep -u x.x.x.x unassign network
          editeyep -c x.x.x.x edit comment field for a network
          editeyep -r x.x.x.0 remove a full Class C network

* makeeyep loads new allocations into the database

explorer:[/opt/staff/office/src] makeeyep

   Usage: makeeyep x.x.x.0 [netmask] Create new Class C IP
                                        (default netmask = 24)

I could make this stuff public but youll need Codebase which is a
commercial Dbase library for C to compile - if interested let me know.