Q: How to avoid retaining "portable" class C?

I realize this is a little too non-operational for the list, but I
stupervise a 750 desktop net with a portable class C when I haven't lost
myself in the pub. We use about (approximately) 6 of those 253 useable
addr's. I could cut that down to 4, I think.

I don't think we're worthy of the cross-ISP portable subnet. The company
is nearly 100 years old (in Canada!) but we just use email/user surf.

Can anyone share advice about how I might communicate "this is generally
bad 'cause of BGP table size" issues to a non-technical manager..? This
individual thinks our netblock is a continued reason for his/her
employment, as per usual.

Off-List replies would be appreciated.

(416) 432-4334. Anytime. -- Scott.