Puerto Rico (island-wide) power outage

The island-wide electrical grid has failed on Puerto Rico.

From the utility company:

Fault in the output breaker of Unit #5 of Costa Sur at 230kv caused the output of units 5 and 6 of the Central. The electrical system protection system took the rest of the units that were generating out of service.

According to poweroutage.us, based on data from LUMA Energy, partial power restoration in Puerto Rico. 423,000 customers still without power (down from 1.45 million).

Most recent IODA data (ioda.live) shows 82% network accessibility (based on active probing).


FCC Activates Disaster Information Reporting for Puerto Rico

Reports are requested at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, April 8 and every day after that by 10:00 a.m. until DIRS is deactivated.

From first FCC DIRS report

Cable and wireline companies reported 267,111 subscribers out of service in the disaster area in Puerto Rico; this may include the loss of telephone, television, and/or Internet services.

Island-wide cell sites out of service is 18.6% (average). Outages in individual municipos ranges up to 66.7% (Luquillo). 416 cell sites out of service (2,235 cell sites).

LUMA Energy customers out of service 438,125 (but may be as high as 800,000 customers).

FEMA has $9.5 billion in funds available for rebuilding the Puerto Rico grid, but no projects have been submitted for approval since September 2020.

LUMA Energy reports partial grid restoration in Puerto Rico. Officially, it reports 30,000 customers still without power, but LUMA reports have been less than half of actual customers impacted throughout this event.

IODA and radar.cloudflare show improved Puerto Rico network accessibility and traffic levels still below normal levels.

After restoring over 90% of power across Puerto Rico, the Auguirre power plant failed. According to LUMA Energy approximately 300,000 customers impacted (LUMA's numbers have been about half of the estimated total customers impacted).

IODA and Cloudflare data showing another drop in address reachability and traffic levels.

Err a typo. I meant 300,000 customers.

Puerto Rico electric grid has been restored.