Public Relations


Forgive my intrusion, but it has become clear over the last few days
(ever since the dns hiccup, and the fiber cuts) that this list is
monitored by many parties who are not directly involved with Network
operations issues. This includes press (so many of you have been quoted
recently), government agencies, and *clients*.

I would humbly and respectfully suggest at this stage that you rethink
your use of this forum to engage in personal comments and attacks (as
inviting as they may be :slight_smile: because these things may come back to haunt
you/us. There *is* such a thing as bad publicity. And I would venture
that some of the so-called 'noise' that this list has seen recently has
probably captured the interest of regulators who will find a way to use
our juvenile antics to our disadvantage.

Besides this, you may be looking pretty foolish to those people who pay
your bills, your *customers*.

Please, think about this before you dash off a vitriolic response in
future. If you must, why not cc it to the few who appear (from prior
comment) to have an interest? And keep it off NANOG.


Rodney Joffe
Chief Technology Officer
Genuity Inc., a Bechtel company