Public Policy Consultation at NANOG 62 & ARIN 34 Meeting!

NANOG Folks -

      There are a number of proposed changes to number resource policy in
      the ARIN region, and you'll have two opportunities to discuss these
      proposals next week in Baltimore (or remotely, as you prefer)

      The Public Policy Consultation within NANOG takes place on Tuesday
      morning from 9 to 1 PM; everyone is welcome (although preregistration
      is required if you are not already registered for NANOG.)

      The ARIN 34 Meeting will follow NANOG on Thursday and Friday; we
      will have discussions of policy changes, as well as ARIN fee schedule,
      changes in the stewardship of the IANA functions, and more. Information
      on ARIN registration is also included in the attached message.

I look forward to seeing everyone in Baltimore!

John Curran
President and CEO