PSI statement on C&W peering issue

PSI statement from their website

      Cable & Wireless chose to terminate connectivity with
      PSINet on 2June01. Over 90% of the traffic that used to be
      routed through C&W is now being routed via other means
      through our robust global free peering infrastructure. The
      remaining 10% or so represents C&W customers that have been
      deliberately cut off from PSINet by C&W. While PSINet is
      ready and willing to re-establish connectivity with C&W at
      any time, it is up to C&W to choose to reverse their
      previous decision. In the meantime, PSINet can offer
     services directly to those C&W customers that are affected.

Does the 10% number mean C&W's network reach has shrunk, or that a
growing number of networks are multihomed?

I would contribute that statement to damage control fud.


Good for CW. Companies shouldnt cut off peering with others and not think
that one day it might just happen to them.

o well...

what comes around goes around
law of the harvest
what you do comes back to you 10 x
... etc...

My best guess this will start happening to CW... :slight_smile:



10% may be high. It's only about 2700 routes from what I can see.

- Daniel Golding