Proxy scanning for spam


If I have a network segment connected to a BGP peer, is there a way that I
can hang a box of some kind off of that segment that will sniff out and
block malicious/spam email before it hits the customers?

Christopher J. Wolff VP CIO
Broadband Laboratories, Inc.

Do you mean a host that can have all tcp/25 routed to it, transparently
pick-up/scan/re-deliver emails for your customers? or did you mean
something you could add to your customer relay boxes? (or your MX hosts
that customers use) Or thirdly, something to protect the internet from
your users?


I meant option #1.


I meant option #1.

a quickie google shows:

which looks promising... additionally:

Though, why not just use brightmail/messagelabs if it's to MX's you can
control? Offer this as a 'service' to your customers for $X/seat/month?

These are both interesting options. Thank you.

policy route your port 25 at an adjacent box.. use some sort of iptables rules
to translate the ip address of the box and that will work also.


make sure no-one is running a mailserver that expects to do TLS
authentication or similar.