Proxad? (Was: Drone Armies)

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> Now this is interesting to me, because proxad has been at least as big a
> pain in my side as far as drones and SPAM sources. [snip]
> Anyone else seeing the same amount of problems with these guys?

Yes. My current list shows 5032 distinct hosts emitting spam from
within their network, and that's as measured from a very small test
server -- I would imagine that large production servers are seeing
a lot more. This places them behind Comcast, Verizon and a couple
of others, but still solidly in the top ten.

France, in general, has crept up the list of spam-producing countries.

The ranking of French ISPs is different, depending on if you consider
the volume of spam (weights high-bandwidth ISPs heavier) or number of

By volume of spam, it is:

Proxad 12322 38%
France Telecom 3215 22%
LDCOMNET (cegetel) 15557 17%
NOOS 6778 6%
Cegetel 8228 5%

By number of hosts, Proxad and France telecom swap places.

The number of hosts, probably compromised, is very, very high on both. I'm
seeing about 70,000 hosts used per month on F.T., and about 35,000 per month
on Proxad, but the aggregated number of compromised hosts is much higher.

Who owns/operates * I've had enormous non-stop spam
flooding from them for years.

Anyone have their complete list of IP ranges they'd be willing to
share? Getting kind tired of running scripts to discover them.

abo is short for abonnement .. a city or district, in french

that's customer dsl space, most of it dynamic

consistent rDNS pattern as you can see


I knew the word, but it was always associated in their rDNS with the
names of french towns

Moral - never try to translate french when you know just about enough
to order your dinner / call a taxi :slight_smile:


I think that, depending on the context, abo is short for either

abonnés (subscribers)


abonnement (subscription)

You will see the latter word all the time in ads on the Paris metro...