Providers providing native IPv6


As some of you might know we maintain a list of ISP's that provide IPv6
connectivity to endusers, thus over Cable/DSL/PPP etc. This list is at:

If you have any additions/changes for that, don't hesitate to spam the
details to me offlist so that they can be updated. Product URL's are of
course very welcome also for that purpose.

There is another page listing Transit suppliers who can do native IPv6
for you:

For tunnel providers, there is a 3rd list at:

As a Q to the list, as we also have the data for GRH available, thus
effectively every ISP that would be able to provide IPv6, would it maybe
be better to add a link to the 'product' pages from there and tag
prefixes where endusers can get it and how?


(As for the Q why we (SixXS) maintain a list of native and other IPv6
providers which would mean we would loose customers: when there is
native IPv6 from ISP's then we can shut that part of the project down
and go do other fun things :wink: