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Date: Sun, 27 Oct 1996 14:42:43 GMT
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I don't think this is correct. Ebone peers with other pan-european
networks of comparable size, IBM, BT and EUnet comes to my mind.

In fact, last time I heard, EBONE and EUnet's peering policy
bore an uncanny resemblence to those of Sprint & MCI (albeit
bandwidth scaled).

From Ebone's own pages, BT is listed as a customer to Ebone, and it is
said the IBM and EUnet have transit agreements with Ebone. I can't
find any direct text stating Ebone's peering policies, but on the
Amsterdam IX page ( the following is said:

Policy: Does generally not peer except with other larger ISPs after
       negotions. Become a member and we'll peer with you!

- Jakob Faarvang

IBM Global Network peers with EBONE. We do not get or buy transit from
EBONE. The EBONE home pages (last time I checked) did not provide enough
information to crisply tell who were members and who were peering partners.
To peer, you must connect with EBONE at three places at E-1 speed as a
minumum. Web pages for EBONE are at ( and say this
if you read carefully. (I think they do...) Members get transit. That is
what being a member of EBONE is about and how the EBONE backbone provides
value to its members (members can be thought of in terms of a customer). It
is a model that works well in Europe and provides for all ISP's to join.
Fees that support the EBONE backbone are based on the members access to the
EBONE backbone line speed.

Bill Cessna
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