Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

The point is that GSL's peering policies are radically different from
those of SprintLink, whereas Cable & Wireless seems to have the same
policies worldwide. Similarly, I know that GSL's prices for transit
used to be much higher than SprintLink's and I suppose still are.

As what I know, GSL's peering policies have two parts, international and
US domestic. The US domestic part is exactly the copy of SprintLink.
International part is based on the idea of traffic localization.

-- jian

Fine. This still leaves Sprint with two very different policies, one
for the US and one for the rest of the world, whereas CWIX apparently
has one policy for the whole world -- or at least for North America and
Europe. I believe that over the next few years this is how things are
going to go: peering policies and prices for transit will converge, at
least in these two large markets.

Americans tend to forget that Europe has a larger population and more
money than the US; these basic facts are not going to let the current
large imbalances persist.