Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

Yes it is already changing. But as far as I can see, Global
SprintLink represents the old US-centric model: GSL is the
international arm of SprintLink and essentially sells bandwidth
into the States. C&W is setting itself up as a global backbone

GSL offers both IPL and POP accesses, and participates local-exchange
within country/reginal POPs. US-centric model is juct matter of economy
and tariff between countries. If someone is willing to pay more to run a DS-3
from Taiwan to Japan instead, I am sure there is no reason for GSL to reject
the order.

  - jian

The point is that GSL's peering policies are radically different from
those of SprintLink, whereas Cable & Wireless seems to have the same
policies worldwide. Similarly, I know that GSL's prices for transit
used to be much higher than SprintLink's and I suppose still are.