Provider credibility - does it matter? was Re: Inter-provider relations

I think the argument is undermined by the fact that peering in Europe is
in a fairly dismal state. Were there a MAE-{London, Paris, Prague} I
somehow think that the big five at least might throw a T3 or two over.
Until that happens, nothing will change. Maybe as access points start
springing up in Japan, the Phillipines, etc., the roadblocks to such a
cooperative project will start to be removed.'

There are several large exchanges in Europe:
the LINX ( with 28 peers, although some more peerworthy than others
the D-GIX (at Stockholm)
E-bone in Paris

and many others in Denmark, Rome, etc.

And as for US providers throwing T3s they are starting to . . . but after
UK (in particular) providers went the other way.


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