Proposed change at the Interconnect 7 Thu

For instance, Matt Mathis and I discussed this on the telephone.
Since his regional is not passing CLNP traffic and the T1
backup circuit to their T3 node is due to be installed this
week, he is seriously considering discontinuing his peering
session with the T1. We are glad to hear that. We are very
anxious to complete the migration from the T1 to the T3.
Discontinuing peering sessions with the T1 is the next step.

I too will probably discontinue NCSA's (AS 1224) peering with the T1 network
once the backup T1 circuit is installed and connected to ENSS 129. (This
is supposed to occur by the middle of next week.) Was there anything you
told Matt over the phone that I should know? :slight_smile: