Proper Planning for Cellular Networks in Ukraine

Whether its preparing for a natural disaster like a hurricane or a russian invasion, proper advance planning makes a difference. The cellular network operators and national regulator in Ukraine have been preparing for years.

"It must be kept in mind, that many of these changes could not have taken place over-night, that they are the culmination of months, and in some cases years of preparation."

The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine - Part 1

The Mobile Network Battlefield in Ukraine - Part 2

"Finally, one unusual perspective that has been taken by some observers, in trying to explain why Ukrainian Mobile Networks were still functioning after several weeks of war, was to put it all down to decisions made by the Russian forces.
We believe that this viewpoint is fundamentally wrong, as the cadence and scope of the decisions made by the Ukrainian Mobile Operators, both before and after the Invasion - as well as their ongoing work to keep them active - show that they are clearly engaged in the fight to keep these networks alive."