product lit spams


I really do appreciate the helpful submissions of product literature.
*BUT*, unless I explicitly request it (and I'm sure this isn't just true for
me) I'd rather you not send me unsolicited product lit attachments. Size is
one reason, and many of us are in a constant roaming/virtual office mode and
do have a problem when we have to "quickly" POP megabyte after megabyte.

Again, I am not saying that I don't want to hear from you guys, just a
little bit more moderation would be good and considerate behavior as good
netizens would be nice.

Thank you. Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Who sent this? (please respond to this question to the entire group.)

And, privately: Who may I speak to about Bellsouth's spam policies?
You guys are great at nuking $20 dialups but your action in disconnecting
web sites, etc. is rather lacking... (Please send reply to THIS question
directly to me.)


And, privately: Who may I speak to about Bellsouth's spam policies?

/dev/null, of course.

May I suggest:

If you guys got specific issues of non-responsiveness or blatant
wrong-doing, let me know, otherwise, this is a waste of all of our time.
There are several people working and I'll walk over
personally if there's something really wrong and find out what's up with it.
So, speak up or hold your piece/peace.


I think what I'm going to do is talk to the people on spam-l, gather some
incidents from them (I may have one or two incidents, but they undoubtedly
know of incidents that I don't), condense them to whatever extent I can, and
present them to you that way.

If you can go to your colleagues or supervisors and give them a whole
bunch of examples of the problem, I'm sure it will have more impact than
just one or two examples.

Again, the problem is NOT with dialup accounts... my personal experience
is that Bellsouth responds to complaints about dialups within 24 hours,
and nukes the accounts. THe problem is with Bellsouth-hosted web sites.

Thanks very much for your interest in helping to solve the problem.