Process management

Sean Donelan writes:
>establish a out-of-band communication system [...] connected via
>nationwide system which doesn't rely on IP, ATM, or SS7

I'm not sure where you'd find such a beast anymore. Maybe an SS7 and
an Iridium system, side-by-side, would do the trick.

HF radio, more likely. Those of you without roof-rights, you better
ask building management about getting same for the triband beam....

Let's see, we can put in 3 big stations: one in an old mill in
the Boston area, another in Arlington VA, and a third at ihnp4..

Explain, please. The first sounds like where DEC started out. Is the
second MAE-East? And while I recognize ihnp4 as one of the central UUCP
nodes I never knew what or where it was.