Problems with Spintlink between MAE West & Stockton POP

We've been seeing significant packet loss across the Sprintlink circuit
between MAE West and their Stockton POP. I note that there's a big hike in
RTT at the Stockton POP:

sl-mae-w-F0/ ( 15 ms 39 ms 13 ms
sl-stk-6-H3/ ( 224 ms 185 ms 222 ms

On Oct 2nd, I heard something along the lines that route damping was in
effect (this was from Sprintlink). I presume what was meant was route
flapping was eating CPU.

Does anyone have any information on what's taking place? There's a heck of
a lot of traffic that flows across this path, and the packet loss is killing
performance (and making the phone ring).